Keep Your Water Pure and Your Fire Hot!

Healing Love Retreats



Spend 7 days in Paradise taking your relationship to another level.  Learn how to charge the "Electromagnetic Field of Attraction"  between you and your partner to create an unbreakable bond. Healing Love Retreats 

Costa Rica


Amp up your nutrition. Work on your resistance to your life that stops you from relaxing.  Establish the goal of your relationship as experiencing yourself as ONE.   



Learn how to redirect your energy from down and out to in and up. Sharpen your sword. Turn your ordinary relationship into an extraordinary relationship. Give yourselves the time and attention you deserve.  


Focus your mind in this present moment.  The past is dead. The future isn't real.  Release all emotional baggage from the past.  


Cleanse, Relax , Renew.  Super foods, supplements, herbal medicine. Chi Going Internal exercise.  Internal Energy development.  


Discover the blocks in your energy that stops you from experiencing yourself as ONE.  What is your plan for success?  What are the messages your soul is sending to you?   

Healing Love Retreats

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Woman's Water, Man's Fire