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Healing Love Acadamy

Welcome to Healing Love

Like so many of us you may be ready to take your relationships to another more fulfilling level of success. Welcome aboard! 


You are on the threshold of a life changing experience as we share  these ancient secrets of love, sex and relationship with you.


Unfortunately, most of our relationships are destined to fail. 

I know because my relationships failed as well as those of my brothers, my sister, my high school and college friends and roommates, teammates, all of my business associates through the years,  pretty much everyone I have known who has gotten in relationships on any level from marriage to friends, have had those relationships invariably end. More often then not they ended in anger, frustration, resentment, disappointment, etc. 


After many years in the substance use disorder field as the Director of Programs and Staff Nutritionist, I have studied first-hand how our environment and stress has diminished the strength of our mutual energies. But further,  that the interventions used to deal with our stress, are wholly inadequate and in fact contribute towards our dependency, resistance and dysfunctionality in relationships.  


Simply put all interventions used currently by either people themselves or modern western approaches using drugs, and medications work against creating success in our relationships.  

Because of the devastating effect both these issues and their interventions can have on our personal and professional lives,  families as well as peoples, lives can be destroyed. 


It takes a great deal of energy ( hormonal ) to love.  Because love requires work and energy. In fact love = time and attention. Hormones go up and hormones go down.  When they go up things are great. When they go down we usually feel it in unintended ways.  In one sex act your hormones go up and go down. Within your life time your hormones go up and go down.  


 The Healing Love Acadamy will give you concepts and key energy practices to regain or create the energy needed to essentially change the trajectory of your hormones by recycling them and learning to cultivate them.  In turn your relationships will go from being dominated by your issues to being enjoyed as a “perpetual honeymoon”.  This should excite anyone in a relationship or contemplating one.  


When issues of power and control, lack of fairness, justice, anger and frustration come into play it’s a sure sign our energy is blocked.


 As your facilitator my expertise is in understanding which energies they are and their relationship to each other and how to help you unblock that energy and achieve those desired and healthy relationships.  

You should come to understand what your plan for success is in your relationship.  You should be able to discuss the values that will create it. Values that both you and your partner share and desire to consciously uphold.  


Over the years I learned various tools that enabled me to revolutionize myself as well as my relationships.  To see them from a perspective of them being tools for our  growth and development.  As a result of all this I have written out my observations, findings and practices in my book, Woman’s Water, Man’s Fire. This will provide you a blueprint that will aid you in the successful development of yourself and of your relationships. It will also be the basis for our classes and Retreats. 


 My journey began when I lost something I deeply loved and cherished.  I realized I could have created the success I longed for if I had a greater knowledge of myself and how the physical, emotional, mental, and hormonal aspects of myself worked.  Like building a house I could have benefited from a “blueprint” or “plan” for how to build what I was trying to build.  Since there wasn’t one its not surprising at all that my relationships failed.  Despite what I “thought” I knew. My goal now is support others in ending their hurt and pain that occur unconsciously in relationship.  

 After developing my practice I realized one of the challenges for people is having the structure and framework in which to develop themselves. 

This is why I have created the Healing Love Acadamy. Even though the great Grand Master Mantak Chia still gives lectures and his Retreats it is practically not possible to get his individual instruction. The same is true of other Masters I have sat at the feet of. This is why I have created the Healing Love Acadamy. 

Thank you again for your interest. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.


Online Courses


Woman's Water Man's Fire Course

The Woman's Water Man's Fire Healing Love course consists of 12 classes.  These can be taken at an interval that suits you. These classes will be structured according to the 12 chapters in the book Woman's Water Man's Fire  inicluding  an introduction. 

What you will learn from completing this course.  

Course 1 Introduction 

Instructor background

Kemetic Tree of Life 

Taoist Sexual Energy Channeling 

Course 2 of RelationsPlan hip. 

Coursee Goal of RelationsPlan hip. Coursee Goal of RelationsPlan hip. 

Course 3  Tehuti  and our iIntuition 

Course 4  The

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