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Relationship coaching

What are the shaping factors for success or failure of your goal and of your objectives?  There are  many forces at work to either enable you or block you from achieving your goal.  When you know what those are in advance you can use that knowledge to plan your strategy for how you are going to create success.  

Spiritual counseling sessions are based on the ancient Kemetic Tree of Life.  These map the universal laws which govern our existence.  What is your plan for success?  This counseling session will give you the answer.   


Relationship Coaching

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 You invest a lot in your relationships.  Time, energy,  resources as well as emotions.   People can spend years in a relationship only to have them fail.   Amazingly enough, without a better understanding of what is going on your relationship is destined to fail! And when they fail it can be costly.  Not just to your emotional state but to your health and  the success of your family, your work, and business. 

Most people despite their good intentions never went to Relationship 101 class.  Probably because it wasn't offered.  You can create successful relationship provided you know and understand what the "plan" is for how that happens.  

Its much more complex then most people realize.   Its really about energy flow within you and between your partner.  What energy is flowing between you and what energy is blocked?  Now you can see what is blocking you and what is flowing.  This enables you to have a plan to deal  with the blockages between you.  

My coaching sessions start with an understanding of these  shaping factors for success or failure in  personal and business relationships.  

Don't want to wind up after 1-30 years of a relationship only to get divorced and suffer great emotional and financial loss?  This can help you to see what is working and how to keep it working for your success.  

Divination system based on Kametic Tree of Life which is like a schematic for energy flow.   Each session lasts approximately one and a half hours.  Video or audio consultation.  If you are not 100% satisfied, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.  


How alkaline is your body ph? 

Healing Love Retreats



Spend 7 days in Paradise taking your relationship to another level.  Learn how to charge the "Electromagnetic Field of Attraction"  between you to create an unbreakable bond.  

Costa Rica


Amp up your nutrition. Work on your resistance to your life that stops you from relaxing.  Establish the goal of your relationship as experiencing yourself as ONE.   



This Book gives you a blue print to create successful relationship. Need more support?  Relationship Coaching can support you.  Want to spend time together on a nice island or resort?  Join our Healing Love Retreats in Costa Rica, Jamica, Thailand and Bali. Learn how to redirect your energy from down and out to in and up. Sharpen your sword. Turn your ordinary relationship into an extraordinary relationship. Give yourselves the time and attention you deserve.  


Focus your mind in this present moment.  The past is dead. The future isn't real.  Release all emotional baggage from the past.  


Cleanse, Relax , Renew.  Super foods, supplements, herbal medicine. Chi Going Internal exercise.  Internal Energy development.  


Discover the blocks in your energy that stops you from experiencing yourself as ONE.  What is your plan for success?  What are the messages your soul is sending to you?   

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